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Civil War Submarines

Submarines played an important role during the Civil War.  It may be hard to imagine that submarines were already developed in the 1860’s; however, they actually were first created in the 1600’s.  In the North, submarines were mainly used as a tool for clearing coastal harbors from obstructions, rather than a combat machine.  In the South, submarines were created as a means to attack Union blockades.  Both forces, during the Civil War, used submarines for military purposes.

One of the most famous submarine creators in the South was from Mobile, Alabama.  His name was Horace Hunley.  In 2000, one of his most famous submarines, The H.L. Hunley, which had been located off the South Carolina shores, was raised from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  Currently, the H.L. Hunley submarine is on display for all to visit at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, which is located in North Charleston, SC.

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