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General Sherman

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When people think about important leaders during the Civil War, they often think of the man named General William T. Sherman.  Throughout the southern part of the United States, General Sherman is a name often associated with the burning and destruction of many cities during the Civil War; namely Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia, and Columbia, South Carolina.  A prominent general for the Union Army, General Sherman was often thought of as a relentless leader who promoted total war on the Confederate states.

William Tecumseh Sherman was born in Ohio in 1820.  He had 10 siblings and was the son of a prominent lawyer and his wife.  Sherman’s dad died in 1829, and his mom was left with eleven children and very little money.  William moved into a neighbor’s home and was raised by another lawyer, Thomas Ewing, Sr. and his wife.  Coincidentally, William would marry his half-sister, Ellen Ewing, in 1850, and they would eventually have eight children.

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