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The Telegraph

Today, our world is teeming with technology.  From smart phones and appliances to computers and VoIP phones, it seems as if new technology is being invented daily.  If you own a business, just look online for computer support Birmingham AL and you’ll find hundreds of technology companies offering a wide range of services.

People who lived during the Civil War period were not that fortunate.  The ease of spreading communication was much more difficult due to the lack of the advanced technology that we have today.  One invention that did occur during the mid-1800’s, though, was the telegraph.  The invention of the telegraph improved the way people communicated during the Civil War.

Samuel Morse is credited for creating the first functioning telegraph in the United States.  Although there were other telegraphs invented prior to Morse’s telegraph of 1837, he created the one that actually sent the first telegram in the U.S., which was on January 11, 1838.  Morse and his partner, Alfred Vail, also developed the Morse Code, which is a series of dots and dashes that symbolizes specific letters of the alphabet in order to create words and phrases.  The telegraph became more and more popular throughout the country.

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