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Women’s Roles During the War

When a person thinks about the soldiers or important roles that people had during the Civil War time period, they probably don’t think of the roles that women played or women on the battlefields.  However, lots of women from both sides of the country joined their perspective army and many more women had very important roles of leadership or support.

More than four hundred women disguised themselves as men and joined either the Confederate army or Union army.  There were several reasons why they decided to make that choice.  Some women wanted to fight for what they believed in, and since women were not allowed to join the military, a disguise was their only option.  Others disguised themselves as men in order to join the military because of the money they could earn.  A soldier could make approximately $13.00 per month, and since that was more money than women could make in most other jobs, they would join the fighting forces.  Other women also joined the military for the adventure and purpose that the fighting served.  Some women kept their secret long after the end of the Civil War, and some even kept their secret until death.

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